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Guided Fishing Trips  

Experience world-class drift boat fishing on the scenic upper Kenai River. Our expertly guided fishing excursions target Rainbow Trout, Dolly Varden, Sockeye Salmon, and Silver Salmon. Our guides are held to the highest standards of professionalism and cater to experienced and novice fishermen. Book now to experience a trip of a lifetime! 


Exclusively Permitted 

Exclusively permitted to operate in the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge for over 20 years. Client satisfaction and safety are our priority. 



Trip Options & Rates 

Cooper Landing Fish Camp

Half Day

4- Hours • Upper Kenai River Fishing 

Enjoy 4 hours of mountain scenery and casual fishing. A great way to sample our salmon and trout potential.

Rate Per Person:


Cooper Landing Fishing Sockeye Salmon

Full Day

8 Hours • Upper Kenai River Fishing

Explore even more of the Kenai River. Give yourself plenty of time to work for a limit of salmon or a chance for that trophy rainbow. 

Rate Per Person:


All trips are subject to a 3% KPB Sales Tax Charge. 

Cooper Landing Fish Camp

What to Bring

  • Alaska Fishing License 

  • Lunch

  • Warm layer such as a polar fleece jacket

  • Rain jacket

  • Hat

  • Sunglasses

  • Camera

  • Small day pack

Cooper Landing Fishing Rainbow Trout
Cooper Landing Fish Camp

Gear We Provide

  • All tackle for fly fish and spin fish

  • Life Jackets

  • Waist high waders

Cooper Landing Sockey Fishing
Cooper Landing Fish Camp Rainbow Trout

Upper Kenai River Fishery

The upper Kenai River is beautiful year-round. Below is a description of what you can expect on a fishing trip depending on the time of year. 



The upper Kenai River is closed to all fishing from May 1 to June 11 to allow rainbows to spawn. The season opens June 11. The trout fishing is typically good for a day or two then is on-again, off-again for a few weeks. Fortunately, the first run of reds (sockeye salmon) gets going good by about June 15. We generally concentrate on sockeye the second half of June although the trout fishing can be fair to good on a day to day basis.

Salmon Fishing, Cooper Landing Fish Camp
July Salmon fishing on the Kenai River



By the 4th of July the first run of reds are on their spawning grounds up the Russian River system and out of reach. That’s when the trout fishing really starts to heat up on the upper Kenai. The trout fishing is good to excellent in July and this is when Canyon trips really begin to pay off in large trout. By July 20 the second red run is going full blast on the upper Kenai River and although the trout fishing is not as good as the previous couple weeks, it can still be excellent.



Early August can be a little frustrating for trout or it can be good, just depends. We are still targeting sockeye at that time although the ratio of bright (silver) to red ones is headed in the wrong direction. Then around the 7th to the 10th of August, the Kings begin to spawn in earnest and the ‘egg-bite’ or trout feeding frenzy begins. By the middle of August the egg-bite is going full steam and the trout fishing is excellent to unbelievable. The last week of August produces the absolute best trout fishing of the entire season!

August Fishing on the Kenai River
Cooper Landing Fishing Dolly Varden on the Upper Kenai



Almost like clockwork on September 1 the second run sockeye, which up till then have been schooled up in the side pockets waiting to mature enough to spawn, literally carpet the bottom of the upper Kenai. The salmon are very aggressive toward each other as well as the trout and the trout fishing gets stood on its’ head for about a week. By about the 6th or 7th the trout get schooled-up in a handful of locations where they can access eggs without getting bitten by the salmon. Then, if you’re standing on the right rock you can catch one after another. Fishing in September can be excellent! 

Need help deciding what time of year is right for you? 

Cooper Landing Fishing

Come Explore the Upper Kenai River Fishery!

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